Our Services

Medical Care

We strive to provide all medical services needed for your dogs and cats. Is Fido scratching or limping? Does Fluffy have furballs?  Whether your pets are in need of wellness exams or treatment for medical problems, our doctors and staff are here to help.

Surgical Care

Does Fido have lumps that concern you? Is it time for Fluffy's spay? Whether your pets are in need of spays, neuters, lump removals, or anything in-between, our surgeons are available Monday through Friday. We want to keep your pets healthy and help to get them back on their feet! Board certified surgeons can be made available for on-site state-of-the-art surgical procedures.

Dental Care

Your pets need dental care as much as you do! Can you smell Fido and Fluffy's breath from across the room? Bad breath is certainly unpleasant, but it can also be a sign of a more serious problem. Dental tartar and gingivitis can be detrimental to your pet's general health. We are here to help! We have a wealth of information on proper dental care and we can provide you with many useful products. Our technicians clean, scale, seal, and polish teeth. Our veterinarians perform full oral exams, identify and treat a variety of dental problems, and do extractions, as needed. Our goal is to provide your pets with healthy teeth and gums, which can extend their life.

The fresh breath is a bonus!

Specialists & Referrals

While we can see to most of your veterinary needs at Corcoran Pet Care Center, there may be times when more advanced care is needed. In those cases, we can provide you with referrals to specialists who can address your pets' needs more completely. Being the primary caregiver for your pets is very important to us, so we work closely with the specialists to stay informed about their treatment and progress.  We want Fido and Fluffy to get the care they need to keep them as healthy and happy as possible, and we want you to feel they are getting the medical attention they deserve. We look forward to seeing your pets after their specialty care and continuing our relationship with them and you.

End-of-Life Care

We know how hard it is to say goodbye. Our doctors and staff are here to walk beside you at this difficult time. We care about the relationship that we have developed with you and your pet and we are honored to be part of your final decision. We can help you find ways to keep your companion's memory alive.